South African Car Hire

South African car hire covers all types of vehicles for all kinds of travel. Whether you’re looking for a luxury sedan or rugged 4×4, you’ll find the right car for your self-drive holiday in South Africa. A number of local and international brands service the industry, making car hire a breeze.

South Africa’s car hire companies cater specifically to self-drive visitors looking to explore South Africa in their own time. With online and walk-in booking services available, South African car hire is simple and efficient.

Companies offering car hire in South Africa include Avis, Hertz, Imperial/Europcar and Tempest, among many others. All these companies have an online presence as well as branches in the major cities and at international, and selected domestic, airports across the country.

South African car hire is comprehensive – offering drivers everything from small, budget-friendly cars to luxurious sedans that will see you driving in style.

Some car rental companies also offer 4×4 vehicles. If you plan to rough it on your holiday to South Africa, check with the car hire company as to the capabilities of the offroad vehicles available.

Alternatively, hire your 4×4 through a specialised offroad vehicle rental provider. These include Britz South Africa, Offroad Africa, Drive South Africa and 4×4 South Africa. These companies can also assist with caravan and trailer hire.

Campervans offer a great way to experience South Africa and its bountiful attractions. Companies like Camper Hire specialise in the rental of campervans and luxury motorhomes, sleeping between 4 and 6 people. Book early to secure a vehicle that suits your travel needs and make sure you get a reservation number that confirms the dates and price of rental.

South African vehicles are right-hand drives and travel is on the left-hand side of the road. The wearing of seatbelts is compulsory and talking on a mobile phone while driving is illegal. If you plan to use your mobile phone, pick up a hands-free kit beforehand.

All speed limits in South Africa are in kilometres and law enforcement agencies monitor speed limits on the country’s roads. Ensure you have your driver’s licence on you at all times and use current road maps or GPS systems to assist with route navigation. Be aware national roads are tolled, so carry cash with you.

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